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Welcome to Pentagon Maverick Web Base - The PM Website is created to support, inform and benefit all Uniformed Services personnel: Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, NOAA and Public Health Service, 23.1 Million Veterans, Retirees and their families.

    There were 2,035,921 US Military Retirees as of 30 SEP 2010. Over 40,665 US Military Retirees reside in nearly 150 countries and territories. For example, there are 29 in Afghanistan, 53 in Iraq, 1 in Yemen, 2,118 in South Korea, 3 in Russia, 3,544 in the Philippines, 10,379 in Puerto Rico, 1 in Somalia, 3,508 in Japan, 2,470 in United Kingdom, 545 in Thailand and 649 in Canada. 

     The Internet has allowed the military and veteran communities to communicate around the world in a matter of seconds.

                                                                                      Robert F. Sawallesh
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Only A Clinic!
Disappearing Act!
2009 Resolution
for New DoD Hospitals
(Army, Navy, Air Force)

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VA Hosp Parking
Cleverly Disguised As A Hospital!?!
MacDill AFB
Sorry, We're Closed! MacDill AFB
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Hospital Health Hazard?
MacDill AFB
"NO ER/NO Hospital"
Warning Sign
1956 BG Thrasher TROA letter to
US Senate
What's Missing from your MRE??
Rename Tampa VA Hospital?
Congressman Bilirakis' Response to Name Change
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Agent Orange Article, 9th Inf Div, 25 FEB 1967.
Source: The VVA Veteran, March/April 2010 Contributed by 199th Light Inf Bde Combat Veteran
Robert F. (Bob) Sawallesh
Military Widow Cartoon